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Why Would I Need a Cellular Signal Booster?

Frequent dropped calls

Poor cell signal quality

Low internet speeds

Bring Your Own Device Trend

 Employers are shifting to a “bring your own device” trend
 Employees need service on multiple devices, i.e. laptop, cellphone, tablet, wearable devices
 Studies show that people who are permitted to bring their own device are more satisfied at work

Why Might a Building Have Poor Cell Reception?

There are two primary reasons for cell phone reception problems: distance and obstruction. If your phone is too far from the cell tower, then the signal will be weak or even undetectable. When it comes to obstructions, virtually any obstacle can be a hindrance to cell signal. There are several common culprits: terrain, building materials, vehicles, vegetation.


• heavy foliage
• hills and valleys
• metal roofs

• metal-backed insulation
• energy efficient windows
• distance from cell tower
• basements
• metal siding

Can weaken or block signal.

What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Often called an amplifier, a cell signal booster amplifies voice and data signals to reduce dropped calls and lost connections. The result is stronger, more reliable signal, clearer voice quality and faster data uploads and downloads.

How Does a Cellular Amplifier Work?

OUTSIDE (DONOR) ANTENNA This outside, or donor, antenna is directed towards the cell phone tower to pick up even the faintest of signals.


 SIGNAL AMPLIFIER The cell phone signal amplifier receives the signal from the donor and amplifies it.


 INSIDE (INTERNAL) ANTENNA The amplifier then sends the amplified signal to the inside antenna to be broadcast throughout the building.