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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work in my area?

Located just south of Lansing our residential service area extends out from Lansing to Jackson, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Novi, St Johns, Ionia and surrounding areas.  We are willing to travel outside of our service area for commercial and residential projects. Contact us to see if your area is covered.

Should we wait until spring for service?

We work during the winter and can safely install or service your system with snow on the roof.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day we scheduled service?

We will be in touch with you if there is a chance we’ll need to reschedule.  Most weather related changes are due to road conditions or lightning.  The technicians make a decision by 7 am the day of service and will contact you with scheduling options.  If the weather worsens as the day progresses a technician will call you.  It is standard procedure for technicians to call when they are en route to your home but if you have any questions please call us for an update.

Will I get all the channels listed on the channel list?

We see an average of 25 channels in mid-Michigan.  Even in the most remote areas we strive to get at least the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC (plus the affiliated subchannels).  The number of channels you’ll receive depends on location and antenna.  To see available channels click here.

What is the difference between a "digital antenna" and "HD Antenna"?

There is no difference between a digital, analog or HD antenna.  Simply, TV antennas are designed to receive UHF and/or VHF signals.  If a channel is broadcast in HD and you have a digital HDTV then the channel will display in HD.

What is a "sub-channel"?

Sub-channels are extra channels transmitted simultaneously with the main channel.  For example, network channel displays as channel 6.1, the sub-channels display as 6.2 and 6.3 with independent programming.  6.1 CBS, 6.2 Get TV, 6.3 ION

Can I use a TV antenna with my cable or satellite subscription?

Yes, you can.  We can install your antenna to use with other services like streaming, cable or satellite.

How many channels will I get?

The number of channels received varies by location and antenna system.  Most areas receive at least 20 channels.

Can my satellite be used as a mount for the antenna?

Smaller antennas can be placed in existing satellite mounts if there are minimal obstructions.  Satellites are tuned for line of sight (one direction), height doesn’t matter unless you have to “look” over trees or a building.  So, they can be mounted on lower roofs or even a short pole in the ground.  This isn’t ideal for OTA antenna placement.  Preferably, mounts should be attached at the peak or a location where the mast can extend above the peak.  If you’d like to use an existing mount, contact us and send us a picture of the mount and roof line.

Can we use a DVR with the antenna?

Yes, there are several DVR’s on the market specifically designed for OTA use.  Some require a subscription while others have no monthly fees.