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Streaming Options

Streaming Services

Online streaming makes it possible to watch TV shows, movies, sports and news through the Internet.  Some services like Netflix and Hulu allow you to watch shows and movies anytime it’s convenient for you.  Networks, like PBS and CBS also offer apps that allow access to this seasons shows (and more) sometimes as soon as the next day after it originally airs.  Other options like Amazon Prime or Google Play offer pay-per-view movies and shows.  To find which service is right for you depends on what you like to watch or what is missing from your local channel list. Multiple services can be used to achieve this and it’s compatible with OTA TV antenna.


Live Streaming

Live streaming is a great companion to OTA, content in real-time allowing you to watch events, sports and news when they are happening, much like broadcast television.  Live streaming services like Sling TV give you access to channels like ESPN, History, SEC Network, HGTV, CNN without the long-term contracts and hidden fees. Get the channels you want, top features and the freedom to cancel easily online.


Streaming Devices

A streaming device connects your television or home theater to the Internet and allows you to stream video and music from online.  Many streaming services are available on smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV’s and available through streaming devices like streaming sticks (Chromecast, Amazon FireStick), players (Roku), TV boxes, digital recording devices (Tablo) and gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).  When choosing a device, make sure it is supports the service or apps you want to use to stream content.  You may already have a component that offers the same features you’re looking for in a new streaming device.

Digital Video Recorders

Making the transition to antenna TV doesn’t mean you have to give up recording your favorite shows.  There are OTA DVR’s on the market that record, pause and rewind live TV with program quide and access to streaming services.  Channel Master DVR+ is a non-subscription digital recording device available and Tablo offers a whole-home solution to recording and streaming.  You won’t miss a show with the features streaming and recording devices have to offer, completeing your home entertainment and antenna system.

* References and links for streaming are informational and not a service we offer or product we sell.


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