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The Antenna Men see an average of 25 channels in mid-Michigan.  Even in the most remote areas we strive to get at least the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC (plus  subchannels).  The number of channels you’ll receive depends on location and antenna system.  Omni directional antennas, multi-antenna systems and rotor systems are installed to receive channels from more than one direction.  What does this mean? That most homes with one of the above systems will have some (or all) of the channels on one list and some channels from another.  For instance, at our office in Eaton County with a two antenna system, utilizing an omni-directional and a yagi-style antenna, we are able to receive (regularly) channels from Lansing (all), Grand Rapids/Battle Creek (some) and Flint (few).  If you’d like to know which channel lists you should be viewing contact us and we’ll provide you with a channel list based on your location and system options.

   June 11, 2018 Scan TV for changes to WLNS CBS 6 Lansing.  Dates subject to change stay tuned.

Effective May 29, 2018 Scan TV for changes to WKAR PBS 23 Lansing. Display channel on your TV will remain the same after scan.

2019 – 2020:
WLLA – Religious 64
WOBC-CD – My Network TV 14
WOKZ-CD – My Network TV 50
WOLP-CD – My Network TV 35
Dates subject to change, stay tuned.

Why?  Congress authorized the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to hold an auction to provide more channels for wireless broadband services. As a result, some local TV stations gave up their channels.

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