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About Us: Over 40 Years Experience

Local. Family Owned. Service you can rely on.

Founded 2008 by Mike Heinze and Derek Willett

Mike Heinze grew up in a family business (Heinze TV) and worked from 1960 to 1985 doing electronic sales, car stereo & CB installations, TV antenna and tower installations, C-Band satellite dish installations general electronic repairs. In 1985, Mike became technical manager for Horizon Cablevision and eventually a managing partner. In 1995, Mike was involved in the start-up of Voyager Information Networks, an Internet provider.

Horizon Cablevision and Voyager were sold in late 2000’s and Mike moved to Brazil to oversee deployment of 3000km of HFC telecom network that provide video, voice and Internet services to homes and businesses in central Brazil.

From 2003 to 2007, Mike provided consulting services to various businesses.


Analog to Digital Signal Transmission

In 2008, broadcast TV stations in the US transitioned from analog to digital signal transmission. This new technology required that TVs that did not have digital tuners either needed to be replaced or an analog to digital converter be placed on each analog TV.

Mike’s son, Derek, and partner from the onset has learned the antenna business over the last 9 years and is a certified tower climber/tower rescue, has installed more than 4000 digital TV antennas. Derek is proficient in troubleshooting antenna network issues. The company has 5 digital signal meters, cable analyzers, and all equipment necessary to trouble shoot signal issues.

Commercial Cell Boosters

Over the last few years, the company has expanded its business to provide installation of cell phone boosters providing consulting and deployment of high end systems for homes, businesses and industry. With the dependence on cellular technologies for voice, text and data services, having strong signals inside buildings is critical to quality of life and productivity.

The company has 2 toll free numbers and local lines for Lansing, Jackson and Battle Creek. Calls are answered 6 days a week with normal hours 8 am to 6 pm weekdays and until 5pm on Saturday.

Smart Phone

The Antenna Men are fully insured with liability coverage

Lance Lowe is our second field technician normally working with Derek on day to day installations and service. When work load gets excessive, Lance has his own service van to provide additional coverage for installs and service.

The Antenna Men are fully insured with liability coverage and workman’s comp. The company has made a large investment in tools, test equipment, safety equipment and well-stocked vehicles. We have a large inventory of TV antennas, preamplifiers, rotors, mounts, mast, cell boosters and accessories and
towers. The company stocks heavy duty bracketed towers, light duty bracketed towers and self-support towers ranging from 48’ to 80’.

We work year around in over 20 counties in Mid-Michigan

The Antenna Men cover 20 counties in mid-Michigan generally from US23 including Ann Arbor & Brighton, north to Flint across to Ionia to Grand Rapids and then South to Kalamazoo and down into Hillsdale County. For larger commercial jobs, the company has traveled as far north as Neweygo, west to Holland and East to Detroit area.

The Antenna Men have also provided upgrades for apartments and MDUs that were wired for TV antenna years ago and have developed a protocol for providing digital TV signals over existing building wiring in apartments from 12 to 200 units. These upgrades allow tenants to get off pay TV and save $50 or more a month.

Finally, the Antenna Men work year around. Winter does not present a problem for us, and we do everything to provide timely, efficient service. Thank you for choosing our company!