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10 Reasons to get a TV Antenna

Save Money.  The average cost to have a TV antenna system installed $600 – a one time fee and it’s done. The average cost of cable or satellite is $103 per month, that’s $1,236 per year. Over 10 years that’s almost $12,000 in savings!

Reliable.  Reception when you want it the most, during the storm.  You’ll still have reception even when the satellite goes out.  Local weather forecast, 24-hour weather channel, to keep you up-to-date and your family safe.

Quality.  Antennas receive signal directly from station towers, uncompressed, true 1080i. Connected with an HDTV, the picture quality is better than cable at no additional cost.


Sports.  Every weekend College Football and NFL games are broadcast on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS.  Not to mention PGA, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and other sporting events throughout the year.  And with live streaming options, you have access to networks like BTN, SEC, FS1, Golf, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and only pay during the season you want to watch.



Minimize.  Antennas do not require you to connect an HD box or receiver to your HDTV.  Use your TV’s remote control to scan and watch.  Multiple rooms, no problem, once the outlets are activated watch a different show on every TV at the same time.

Simplify.  No need to pause or hold your service while you spend the winter in the south or reactive when you go up north in the summer.  Antenna is ready to go when you arrive and doesn’t cost anything while you’re away, no phone calls or reactivation necessary.  Great for the cabin, second home, extra rooms, rental property.


Stream. Free OTA TV and streaming services, the perfect pair.  With Internet, streaming services offer a variety of on-demand and live TV channels and programs.  More providers to choose from at a fraction of the cost for cable or satellite and did I mention no contracts.

Record.  Yes, you can record shows with an antenna.  DVR’s are available, specifically made to use with over-the-air signals, subscription optional.  View the channel guide, program, record, play.

No Internet?  You don’t have to miss out on specialty channels.  PBS Create offers home and gardening shows.  PBS Kids and Qubo equals 24 hour children’s programming. Like BET? watch Bounce for free.  Sub-channels like Justice, Grit, Get, ION, MeTV, Comet offer news, sci-fi, comedy, retro, court and more.

Most Watched.  
The most watched television networks in the US – CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX. Free, over-the-air.

  1. That is good to know that tv antennas do not require you to connect an HD box or receiver to your HDTV. I have been wanting to watch some tv, but I don’t want to buy a provider. I’m glad I can get a tv antenna and get tv without having to buy an HD box. Thank you for the information!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this great post! It is very useful for me.

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